Recording studio

COMMERCIAL – quick, professional, affordable

We can produce sound for a film, a radio commercial, or a website, ranging from audio effects sound-design to recording a choir.

We can deliver audio background of your desire to any kind of media, thanks to cooperation with voice over professionals and a variety of music bands.

If you want to ask about prices – please contact:

BANDS AND SOLO ARTISTS – with passion and individual approach

We will record, mix, and master your song or album. We can record a full band and one track at a time. All the instruments – from a drum set or a guitar to your voice – are recorded with dedicated microphones in rooms designed to provide top-quality sound.

Each hour of audio recording is 90 PLN. Mixing and mastering of one song is from 200 PLN to 600 PLN (depending on the complexity of the song).


1 hour of recording – 90 PLN/hour.

Mixing and mastering of 1 song – from 400 PLN to 600 PLN.

Multi-Track Drum Correction (Quantization) – 100 PLN/song.

Out of studio recording – 1200 PLN/day + costs of transport

Small gig production – 1000 PLN

Re-Amping of guitar tracks – 90 PLN/song

Master CD – 90 PLN

Stems archiving – 90 PLN

Weekend recording session (Saturday-Sunday, 20h) – 1700 PLN

EP (recording, mixing and mastering of 4 songs) – 3500 PLN.

LP (recording, mixing and mastering of 10 songs) – 8000 PLN.

Sound logo – from 250 PLN

Sound production for commercials, audio restoration, sound logo, and others – individual pricing.