1 hour of recording – bands and solo artists – 70 – 100 PLN/hour.

Mixing and mastering of 1 song – from 200 PLN to 500 PLN.

Multi-Track Drum Correction (Quantization) – 60 PLN/song.

Out of studio recording – 1000 PLN/day + costs of transport

Small gig production – 1000 PLN

Re-Amping of guitar tracks – 60 PLN/song

Master CD – 60 PLN

Stems archiving – 60 PLN

Rap EP (recording, mixing and mastering of 3 songs) – 1000 PLN

Weekend recording session (Saturday-Sunday) – 1200 PLN

EP (recording, mixing and mastering of 4 songs) – 3500 PLN.

LP (recording, mixing and mastering of 12 songs) – 8000 PLN.

Sound logo – from 200 PLN

Sound production for commercials, audio restoration, sound logo, and others – individual pricing.


You can pay for your rehearsals in a couple of ways.

A single rehearsal (35PLN/hour)

The first way is to pay each time you play. In this case, the price is 30 PLN for an hour, regardless of the time you start (between 10 AM and 10 PM).

Carnets (33PLN/hour or 30PLN/hour)

You can also buy a carnet. A carnet is a sum of hours paid in advance. It is valid for a year. You can use those hours during that year in any way you prefer: you can either book rehearsals on a fixed time every week or book each rehearsal separately. After a rehearsal, the hours used are deducted from your carnet.

Types of carnets

Blue carnet: 100 zł (3hours) to be used in a year from Monday to Sunday between 10 AM and 10 PM.

Red carnet: 240 PLN (8hours) to be used in a year from Monday to Sunday between 10 AM and 10 PM.